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Why choose solar thermal?

A solar thermal system uses the sun's warmth to heat some of the hot water used in your home. It'll save you money all year round, and in the summer months could heat up to 90% of the hot water you use.

We supply both types of solar thermal collector - flat plate and evacuated tube. We'd be happy to talk you through the benefits of each.

Solar thermal technology
Is suitable for most UK homes and with most existing heating systems.

Can heat 80-90% of your hot water in summer, 40-50% in spring and autumn and 10-15% in the winter.

Is relatively inexpensive, and easy to maintain.

Doesn't take up as much space as solar PV, and panels can be mounted at any angle, from flat roofs to walls


Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps are the way forward for properties with a large garden, especially new build and refurbishment.  Installations costs can often be offset by the cheaper running costs and the higher efficiency of the appliance.

Another option for this type of pump is to sink a Borehole - this does not require a large ground area, but costs can be significant, depending on ground structure

The appliances will also run more economically in extreme weather, as the ground which the appliance draws its energy from stays at more of a constant temperature than the outside air, which an Air Source Heat Pump relies on

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps are probably going to become the “norm” for most properties over the coming years, as they do not require large areas of ground to sink pipe-work into. They cost slightly more to run than their Ground Source heat pump counterparts, but the installation cost is much less by far.

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal is an increasingly popular choice for householders wishing to reduce the cost of producing their hot water – a correctly sized and orientated solar panel installation can produce around 60% of a properties hot water requirements